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Time for Clark County to pull the plug on Teachers Health Trust

I just received a call notifying me that I have to change my primary physician for the third time in 12 months because another health group has dropped the Teachers Health Trust. We all know that the Clark County Education Association and the health trust scratch each other’s backs, and someone is getting a big paycheck to keep it going.

There is no reason that the teachers in the Clark County School District couldn’t join a bigger insurance plan and have a large network of physicians. The CCEA keeps begging for money to keep it afloat. The trust needs no more money thrown down the rathole they call an insurance plan.

The Teachers Health Trust has outlived its usefulness. All parties involved — including teachers, School Board trustees and our new superintendent — need to stand up to the few union leaders and trust executives who are benefiting from this boondoggle. Enough is enough.

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