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What are Trump resisters doing to make the country a better place?

In response to Mark Mellett’s Monday letter criticizing the president: If those “resisting” Donald Trump would expel that much energy and time to improve the pathetic condition of this country (which Mr. Trump inherited), they would be doing much more to promote unity than they are bragging about being “resistance warriors.” That attitude and behavior, not Mr. Trump, harms our country.

Whether or not you like Mr. Trump’s style does not afford you the right to obstruct his agenda. His agenda benefits all Americans. I didn’t care for Barack Obama and his do-nothing diplomacy, but I didn’t act like an idiot and verbally criticize or condemn his every move. The office requires respect, regardless of whether or not you like the occupant.

Mr. Trump didn’t become president by electing himself … he was elected by the people. If you weren’t one of them, put on your big-boy pants and accept things as they stand.

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