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Where to begin on Medicare-for-all

So Joe Van Rhyn wants us to prove him wrong (“New tax,” March 9 letter to the editor). OK.

Social Security is not socialism. The basic principle of socialism is “each according to their needs.” But the Social Security check is based on how much you were compelled to pay in during your working years, not what your needs are. It is nothing more than the return of stolen property. Ditto Medicare. You were also forced to pay into that during your working years. Again, the return of stolen property. Not socialism.

Mr. Van Rhyn proposes to remove the FICA tax cap on earnings to pay for Medicare-for-all. In other words, force total strangers to pay your bills for you. Sure, that’s fair.

Mr. Van Rhyn argues that removing the cap on individuals would force high-income earners to pay the FICA tax on every dollar they earned. No, it wouldn’t. FICA is paid on salary only. I owned a corporation and I (not the corporation) owned the building the corporation was in. I received a salary of $1 a year. My other income was rent on the building, cash stock dividends, interest on loaned money, stock options, capital gains, etc. Only the $1 was subject to FICA. Surely the super-rich, with all their lawyers and accountants, can figure out loopholes to evade FICA So much for that pot of gold.

Doctors will argue about Mr. Van Rhyn’s praise for Medicare. The government pays them far less than what they are billed. Doctors did not go through all those years of schooling to be shortchanged by the feds. Private insurance is what keeps them solvent. If you take away private insurance and force Medicare-for-all, don’t be surprised if the doctor you love — having bills and student loans to pay — goes into research or teaching or some other lucrative field. Good luck getting treated then.

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