Who will be held responsible for putting DeMario Berry, an innocent man, behind bars?

In response to the Review-Journal’s recent stories on DeMario Berry:

Let me see if I understand this. The local prosecutors lied and suborned perjury. On the basis of that, an innocent man was falsely imprisoned for more than 20 years. Also, because they did this, the actual killer, who had been identified, was free to go and kill someone else.

I really hope that some hotshot attorney gets Mr. Berry a monetary settlement to which he is entitled. At a minimum, it should be the annual cost of housing a convicted felon times the number of years that he was in prison. And this does not begin to account for the mental health damage done by the state and its lackeys to Mr. Berry and his family.

All states, including Nevada, need a law like this:

If you are an officer of the government who is found liable in a civil suit for illegally depriving a citizen of his freedom for more than a year, then any retirement income to which you are entitled will be reduced by half. And any that you may have been already been paid? Well, 25 percent of that will be reclaimed by said injured parties.

Note that we are not talking about inadvertent errors that will occur. We are talking instances of clear, deliberate perversions of justice. These decisions were not on the spur of the moment when someone’s life was in danger. These were deliberate, willful acts taken by people who knew, or should have known, that they were perverting justice. As in bribing jail inmates to falsely testify.

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