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Why are we sending foreign aid to Mexico?

I strongly object to the $10.6 billion foreign aid package slated for Mexico, a country that does little to stem the flood of illegals through their country and to our southern border. Let’s use part of this $10.6 billion to build the wall and the rest to hire more Border Patrol officers.

Ask the experts what they need to assist in controlling the number of illegals coming across our borders. They will tell you what they told the president: They need the wall.

We are now in the 21st century. It is time to shut down our 18th-century laws, specifically as they apply to anchor babies. Why is the U.S. taxpayer supporting kids who don’t belong here in the first place?

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LETTER: When did politics turn into a giant temper tantrum?

I see a lot of people on both sides with “temper tantrums.” How are we to teach our children if they see adults with angry words and demonstrations in the streets?

LETTER: Donald Trump isn’t great …

… but I am seriously considering voting for him next year, if only to prevent some Democratic socialist from being elected.

LETTER: On Baltimore, President Donald Trump and rats

Enough already about the rats. Michael Ramirez, in his Aug. 5 political cartoon, used that topic to get in a swipe against Baltimore and the residents of that large and historic city.