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COMMENTARY: Democrats plan to bring down the American system by overwhelming it

Eric Holder, Obama’s former attorney general, just days ago asked Trump voters (like me), “Exactly when did you think America was great?”

My definition of “great” involves economic freedom — allowing citizens to earn more money, enjoy a high quality of life and protect their families without massive government interference or confiscation of their hard-earned money. That’s what makes us the greatest nation in world history. Economic freedom.

We’ve tried it Holder’s way. Barack Obama tried to tax and regulate us to death. It didn’t work. Gross domestic product for President Obama’s eight years was equal to the Great Depression decade of the 1930s. Worse yet, the number of people collecting welfare, food stamps and disability were at the highest levels in history. Worst of all, Obama covered up all this misery with insane spending. He increased the national debt more than all the presidents in history combined.

Compare all of that to President Donald Trump. For the second year in a row, Trump broke the record for the greatest increase in GDP in history. In 2017, Trump’s first year, GDP increased by the all-time record of $853 billion. Then in 2018, Trump’s second year, our GDP went up by $1 trillion — the first time that’s ever happened in world history.

Add in the lowest black and Latino unemployment in history. Female and youth unemployment are the lowest in more than half a century. Manufacturing jobs are booming.

That could be why Trump’s approval rating hit 49 on Friday at Rasmussen. That’s 6 points higher than Obama’s approval rating at the same time of his presidency.

How is this possible? It’s the economy, stupid. What people care about is green. Not green energy. Green in their pockets. Yes, that is what makes America great, Eric Holder. Opportunity and prosperity. Trump produced it. Obama didn’t.

The left wants to fundamentally change us. They want to tear us down. Make us “equal and fair” by bankrupting the middle class, taking away our jobs, assets, cars, planes, homes and even our steaks and cheeseburgers. Yes, they want to kill the cows. See the Green New Deal, if you don’t believe me.

But it’s not working. The American people aren’t buying it.

So, the left is turning to the Cloward-Piven strategy, the radical socialist plan I was taught at Columbia University: Overwhelm the system to create massive crisis and collapse and foment a revolution.

But how do you overwhelm the system? The Democrat’s tool is clear: open borders. If your brainwashing fails, if you can’t convince enough Americans to pick Obama’s miserable economy over Trump’s booming economy, then change the makeup of the electorate. Make America foreign again.

They want to leave the borders open and overwhelm the system with millions of foreigners and illegal aliens who are dependent on government, who are comfortable with socialism, who want “free everything” from cradle to grave.

Then, make it your No. 1 priority to prevent voter ID. Because you need all of those foreigners and illegals to vote for Democrat candidates. And then you turn America into Venezuela. But who cares? You’re in control.

That’s the Democrat plan folks. Cloward-Piven and open borders.

So, President Trump, here’s my advice. The whole ballgame is the border. Build the wall. Secure the border. Stop chain migration. End birthright citizenship. To get Mexico’s cooperation, close the border and bring its economy to a standstill. Do that and we win. We save America, capitalism and the GOP.

Fail, and it’s the end of America.

Contact Wayne Allyn Root at Wayne@ROOTforAmerica.com. Hear or watch the nationally syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show” from from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and at 5 p.m. on Newsmax TV.

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