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Smoke and mirrors, bubbly and a secret menu

Gatsby’s Cocktail Lounge, which will open with Resorts World Las Vegas on June 24, will definitely bring the bubbles — with a little smoke and mirrors.

The Smoke and Mirrors spirit-driven cocktail is inspired by the classic Manhattan and is made with two bourbons — Buffalo Trace, which has a wheated mash bill that produces a softer and sweeter style, and Russell’s Reserve 10 Year, with a higher rye content to supply some “backbone.” A house-made black tea-lavender syrup adds sweetness and depth, and the cocktail gets richness and balance from Montanarro sweet vermouth.

It’s served in a coupe sprayed with Lagavulin 16-year scotch and garnished with lemon zest for a bright note. It’s one of eight specialty cocktails on the menu, said John Pettei, managing partner for owner Clique Hospitality. “They’re cocktails crafted exclusively for Gatsby’s that you can’t get anywhere else.”

Another is a shareable drink called the Champagne Bubble Bath, served in a mini-bathtub with a spoon for scooping up the mojito foam. It’s made with gin, Aperol, Champagne, pineapple, muddled blood-orange juice, lime juice and strawberry rosé.

Champagne also will be a Gatsby’s specialty, with 10 offered by the glass and more than 40 by the bottle, including vintage and rare Champagnes.

Five cocktails that Pettei promises will be “over the top” in terms of ingredients, preparation or both will be available via a secret menu, though he won’t reveal more, because then it wouldn’t be a secret.

“All I can say is you’ll have to find it,” Pettei said. “We’ll drop some clues or some hints leading up to it, maybe on social media platforms. Stay tuned; you should be able to figure it out.” rwlasvegas.com/dining

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