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‘Bite of the Night’: UFC fighter bitten during event gets mark tattooed

What do you do as an UFC fighter when your opponent bites you?

If you’re flyweight fighter Andre “Mascote” Lima, you get it tattooed.

In the flyweight bout at UFC Fight Night on Saturday, the undefeated Lima was battling fellow undefeated fighter Igor Severino when Severino unexpectedly bit Lima’s bicep.

Severino was disqualified from the fight, and UFC named Lima the “Bite of the Night” on social media. It was the first bite in UFC history.

MMA Fighting reported that Lima got an initial bonus of $25,000 after the event, but when Lima got a tattoo to commemorate the mark, UFC president Dana White doubled the fighter’s bonus.

“I was going to give him 25K. Now I’m giving him 50K. This is AWESOME!” White wrote in a now-deleted Instagram story post.

In a post-fight interview with UFC, Lima said through a translator that while he expected Severino to constantly try to take him down during the fight, he didn’t expect its ending.

“I was going to continue to damage him, continue to touch him and finish the fight, but as you saw, that’s why I yelled ‘He bit me,’” Lima said. “It’s just like Dana said, I’m here to be a champion. I’m here to win this division.”

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