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Former Las Vegas tourism boss pursued time-off payout

Retired Las Vegas tourism boss Rossi Ralenkotter said he did not intend to cash out his accrued paid time off, but newly released records show his attorney asked for more than $234,000 in untaken leave as part of a nearly $1.2 million severance package.

LVCVA board lawyers seek sweeter deal for Rossi Ralenkotter

Attorneys for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority board have agreed to sweeten a pending deal for CEO Rossi Ralenkotter by upping his post-retirement consulting contract to $270,000 amid a police investigation of the agency.

Board member seeks more clarity about police probe of LVCVA

With a looming public vote on a retirement package for Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO Rossi Ralenkotter, a key board member said Friday he wants more details about the police investigation into the mishandling of $90,000 in Southwest Airlines gift cards.

LVCVA board to vote on retirement payout for CEO Rossi Ralenkotter

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority Board on Tuesday will consider a lucrative retirement package and 18-month consulting contract for CEO Rossi Ralenkotter after being informed that police so far have not found any evidence of wrongdoing by him in their criminal investigation of the agency.

LVCVA boss pursues retirement payout amid criminal investigation

Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority CEO Rossi Ralenkotter is taking steps to collect a retirement settlement that could cost taxpayers tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, even as Las Vegas police conduct a criminal investigation into the tourism agency’s spending practices.

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