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Police find Venus Williams at fault in fatal car crash

Venus Williams, the world’s former top-ranked tennis player, was the driver at fault in a two-car crash in Florida on June 9 that killed a passenger in the other vehicle, according to the initial police report on the incident released Thursday.

New UNLV logo draws comparisons to Wranglers image

Veteran Vegas radio personality Jim Tofte says the new UNLV spirit logo, unveiled Wednesday, looks a lot like the Las Vegas Wranglers’ logo from around the 2010-2011 season.

EDITORIAL: Don’t believe the hype about Medicaid ‘cuts’

Democrats can parse the word “cut” all day long, but spending for Medicaid and other programs — even under the “devastating” Senate proposal — continues its inexorable trend: and that’s up, up and away.

EDITORIAL: Minimum wage job losses? Nothing to see here, folks

Nevada needs to learn a lesson from these misguided minimum-wage laboratories, and see to it that young people in the Silver State always have opportunities to get on that critical first rung of the job ladder.

Dean Heller needs a challenge in the GOP primary

Tthe only thing Sen. Heller’s Medicaid expansion means is that there will eventually be only Medicaid and no more free market.

Dean Heller steps up to the plate on health care

Please stick to your guns, senator, and do not let Mitch McConnell and his band of ultra-right Teapublicans run roughshod over the best interests of the American people.

Medicaid fiasco was predictable

Why doesn’t Sen. Heller use his head and, for example, sponsor a bill to attack the massive fraud and abuse in the Medicaid/Medicare system?

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