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Bundy clan was just fighting the good fight

In response to Nadia Romeo’s recent letter on the Bundys:

Ms. Romeo described Cliven Bundy, and those who went to protect him, as scofflaws. So untrue. She said, “Mr. Bundy should be illegally driven off his land, and his ranch confiscated.” She said “Bundy’s cattle belong to the government.” And by far the most asinine thing she said was that if we open up public lands to cattle grazing (which already do), we would see people ranching in Yellowstone and cutting down redwoods in Yosemite.

Ms Romeo has obviously never read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights or the Federalist Papers. She has obviously never read the writings of our nation’s founders such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and, especially, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson knew how easily our government could get too powerful and exert too much control over the citizens, instead of the citizens controlling the government. That’s why our founders insisted on the Second Amendment: So all citizens are armed and able to protect us from enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Thousands of ranchers — including Mr. Bundy — have been grazing their cattle on unused, open public lands for a modest fee. But Mr. Bundy was singled out and his grazing fees were raised to an exorbitant amount. So high that his cattle ranch would become unprofitable without raising his beef prices higher than his fellow ranchers. So of course Mr. Bundy refused to pay the higher fees. As he should have.

Then the federal government sent armed agents to create another Waco or Ruby Ridge. But good patriots came to the rescue. Outmanned and outgunned, the federal agents backed off from their illegal act. Ms. Romeo should get educated. We are a democratic republic, not a democracy.

The charges against Cliven Bundy and his fellow patriots should be dropped immediately. They should all receive restitution for their losses. That would be true American justice.

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