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LETTER: Biden’s age isn’t the issue

I listen to comments that Joe Biden is too old to be elected to another term as president. This is an insult to our elderly population. I know people in their 80s who are sharp as a whistle, so it’s not all about age.

My concern regarding Mr. Biden running in the 2020 election was his mental cognitive decline — and he has declined immensely since then. I recall listening to Barack Obama speak prior to the election about how he would be happy to be in the background and pull the strings of the president. Which raises the question: Who is the president?

We hear Biden talking about experiences that he never encountered. There was a time, years ago, where he was lying. Today, Mr. Biden actually believes the untrue comments he makes. With his mental capacity, he is unable to tell the difference between the truth and untruth.

Am I a physician? No. But you have to have your head buried in the ground or be in complete denial not to see what is in front of you.

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