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LETTER: Clark County pedestrian bridge ordinance is ridiculous

I see that Clark County will consider an ordinance banning people from stopping on pedestrian overpasses on the Strip. Maybe our commissioners could create a new agency devoted to keeping the tourists moving. They could call it the Bridge Troll Brigade or BTB and pay for them with $300 citations. The new trolls could have sheepdogs that would nip the tourists on their heels or butts and maybe use cattle prods for the slowest.

Lastly, any disabled or older people who need to take a breather after climbing those stairs could be fitted with four-way flashers and slow-moving vehicle signs, but they would be barred from taking any pictures or otherwise having any kind of a joyful experience.

I long for the days when the people of Clark County had adult leadership.

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LETTER: Don’t blame ranked-choice voting

We need voter education immediately before our June and November elections to ensure Nevada voters are not disenfranchised due to the change to universal mail-in voting.

LETTER: Biden leans on Israel again

On the one hand Biden touts U.S. support for our ally Israel, while on the other he criticizes Israel to pander for votes from the far left and Arab Americans.

LETTER: Democrats have mixed-up priorities

Rep. Titus should quit blaming Republicans for the complete chaos she and her party have created. I hope the House holds firm. No money unless there is true change at the border.

LETTER: Putin and Trump two peas in a pod

Vladimir Putin has complete immunity for all actions taken while president. Oddly, today in the United States of America, we, too, have a president claiming complete immunity.

LETTER: Guns over butter

If you received a bill tomorrow from Uncle Sam demanding a check for $330 for every person in your household to fund these wars, how would you react?

LETTER: The ‘reality’ of the border

In his Monday letter “Reality TV,” Tim Cox seems to overlook a crucial element — a genuine sense of reality.