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LETTER: Conservatives aren’t Nazis

In response to Gary Lewey’s Nov. 25 letter, “Pivotal moment”:

I agree with Mr. Lewey’s opening statement that, “In the upcoming presidential election, a profound clash of political ideologies paints a vivid picture of contrasting futures.” But everything he says after that is profoundly misleading. Essentially, Mr. Lewey, like every other liberal talking head in the news today, believes you are a Nazi if you don’t support Joe Biden in the upcoming election. Instead of refuting Mr. Lewey’s claims one by one, I would like to explain to him — and readers who agree with him — what conservatives generally expect from government:

Concerning elections, conservatives welcome diverse points of view and robust debate about the direction of our nation. Conservatives believe it’s essential to examine claims of election irregularities and ensure the integrity of the democratic process. The insistence on transparency is not an attack on democracy, but rather a commitment to free and fair elections.

On the topic of voting rights, conservatives want to ensure the security of elections with measures such as voter ID requirements (most Americans agree on this issue), while striving to expand access for all eligible voters.

Conservatives support individual rights guaranteed under the Constitution, including the right to life, and discussions around issues such as abortion involve a balance between personal freedoms and the protection of human life.

Conservatives recognize the importance of free speech. Conservatives believe in fiscal responsibility, support tax policies that stimulate economic growth, resist excessive government spending and support reducing the tax burden on the middle class.

If that makes us Nazis in Mr. Lewey’s eyes, I pity him.

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