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LETTER: Criminals make us change our habits

In response to your Saturday story on credit card skimming: I was a scammed three times at the gas pumps. My solution is to go inside the store and pay there. Since I have been doing that, I have not had any problems. Go to your bank and cash a check to get your money. Try not to use the ATM. I was scammed at an ATM and my information was spread around town. The criminals bought gift cards, which they can sell.

Unfortunately, we have been forced to change our habits. We have products locked behind doors. We have to push a button to get the product. Stores have cameras at self-checkout. I have been asked for identification at some self-checkouts. Some are limiting the number of items.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this getting any better.

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LETTER: The carbon-spewing Biden family

Climate change is an existential threat to mankind, animals and plants. Why doesn’t the Biden family lead the way?

LETTER: The Trump show trial

Remember, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi and Sir Thomas More — all innocent men — were also declared to be guilty.

LETTER: No conspiracy involving Hunter’s laptop

The R-J should acknowledge that Mr. Trump’s lies, frauds, defamations, criminal indictments and convictions are exponentially worse than Hunter’s laptop being evidence or any of the other alleged Biden missteps.

LETTER: Trump tries to win Nevada

Mr. Trump advocating for tax-free tip income is definitely one approach to winning Nevada. But my tip to Mr. Trump is to pick Marco Rubio and show the diversity of the GOP.

LETTER: Red Rock development ‘compromise’ is depressing

Red Rock Canyon is a fragile natural wonder. To claim that 3,500 homes and the traffic that goes with them, and changing the nature of the watershed, will not negatively impact the area is absurd.

LETTER: Russian warships off the Florida coast

It’s strange that the mainstream media are treating Russian combat ships miles off the Florida coast as nothing to see here.