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LETTER: Deciphering progressive jargon

Updated April 23, 2024 - 11:40 am

I noticed recently that euphemisms are commonly used by progressives in order to make the agenda they support seem less harsh or unpleasant. I thought I might attempt to clear up some confusion about the language. Here is a guide:

Women’s reproductive health = aborting a fetus. Climate change = global warming. MAGA supporters = uneducated hicks.

Carbon neutral = nonfunctioning, overly expensive taxpayer subsidized new technology that will be forced upon you. Newcomers = 8 million illegal immigrants. Racist = Republican.

Saving democracy = weaponizing the government to attack political opponents. Right to protest = creating traffic jams throughout the country. Being the most nonpartisan senator in the country = voting 97 percent of the time with your party and President Joe Biden’s failed policies.

As the campaign season progresses, I hope this helps people better understand what they will be hearing.

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