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LETTER: Green energy isn’t ready to handle our needs alone

Verna Mandez’s recent letter on natural gas surprised me given that she is the deputy director of the Nevada Conservation League. To rely only on so-called green energy is a disaster waiting to happen. See California and Texas. Solar and windmills leave a huge footprint on the ecosystem.

To rely on solar and wind alone, you’d have to circle the valley twice. The energy farms would cover thousands of acres. Someone would still have to mine the minerals. There would be thousands of bird deaths a year and a lack of land for people to enjoy.

I remember the blackouts and brownouts in Las Vegas in the 1990s. Now there are a million more people. If you took away the government tax credits, solar energy would be very expensive. More lines would be needed, transmission towers built, underground lines dug. This would be expensive. Why not give people choices between natural gas and so-called renewable energy? I have both.

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