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LETTER: Greens against green energy

In his Thursday letter “Get on board,” Frederick Hewett bemoaned the pace of our complete conversion to renewable energy sources. But I wonder how often that pace is also slowed by his fellow “greenies,” who seem to protest and litigate against every new development of the elements needed for that transition. The proposed mines in Northern Nevada come to mind as a starter. Or should we buy it all from China?

As far as looking to California, no sensible Nevadan would ever look there for a solution to anything.

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LETTER: Global warming and timelines

To give perspective, the California Sierra was largely free of permanent snow 700 years ago, but then developed the glaciers that are retreating today.

LETTER: Those dastardly mosquitoes

It’s been my pleasure to have lived in the Las Vegas Valley for 50 years. In all that time, I cannot recall ever once having been bitten by a mosquito. Until now.