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LETTER: It’s a tough time to vote

I have voted for more than 50 years. This year is, by far, the worst for common sense. The first time I voted, it was not about the party. It was about what was right — most of all, which candidate held himself to the highest moral and ethical standards.

But this year, that concept won’t have a place in our voting process. People would rather proudly beat their chest or engage in some other type of ugliness if they disagree with someone’s political views.

I know my vote is important. I hope it will make a change. My grandfather told me to vote for the candidate willing to work with everyone to get the job done. I think my grandfather would be upset about the voting process today and downright mad about some political candidates.

I will try to live up to my grandfather’s hopes and visions. But it is so foggy right now that I cannot see a way.

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