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LETTER: Nevada, water and government subsidies

Fully addressing your Sunday article on the Colorado River by ProPublica (“Measuring the legacy of water use”) would require more space than available for a letter. In short, the problem is the crime of politics and corruption. A big part of the answer: No more corporate subsidies of any kind.

China, Saudi Arabia and others own property here. Then they use our water to grow alfalfa and ship it to their countries to feed their cows. Why are we subsidizing that?

Also, we have subsidized water, growing subsidized alfalfa for dairy cows, which themselves are heavily subsidized to the point they dump milk or turn it into cheese to be buried and thrown away. These corporate farms go to politicians and obtain huge subsidies or are paid not to grow crops.

Subsidies are like tax deductions. Somebody else has to make up for the money lost due to a tax deduction. It’s time to halt subsidies of all kinds. If they can’t make it on their own, change crops or charge more. If that increases the cost of meat, pay it. Don’t ask me to subsidize it.

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LETTER: FBI comes after its own trusted informant

Remember when the Democrats lectured us on the importance of never revealing the identity of a confidential informant? Apparently, when you provide the FBI with information about a sitting president taking bribes from Ukraine, all bets are off.

LETTER: Alabama IVF court ruling a result of ignorance

It is apparent that the justices on the Alabama Supreme Court either did not understand the process of IVF, or are, frankly, religious nutcakes who don’t give a damn.

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The A’s short-term goal of staying in Oakland, with fallback plans of Salt Lake City and Sacramento is a slap in the face of Las Vegas baseball fans.

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In my view, immigrants seeking to come to the United States send a powerful message about what a great country we have.