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LETTER: North Dakota pipeline protesters are disgraceful

It is apparent to me that the Dakota Access Pipeline protesters are like every other group of protesters in this country: They are hypocrites.

Their cause was to stop the pipeline over fears of oil contamination of the Missouri River. I guess they were not so concerned about the 2,500 pickup trucks of trash — which includes human waste — left behind at their camp and its potential to contaminate the water (“At pipeline protest site, time to take out the garbage,” Thursday Review-Journal).

It has become chic in this country to join a protest for the camaraderie of fellow protesters and to destroy property.

Take, for instance, the protests at Cal-Berkeley that led to a guest speaker canceling his engagement because of rioting and vandalism. The same hypocrisy applies here. The college students want free speech as long as they agree with what you have to say. Most of those rioting at Berkeley didn’t even know what they rioting for. To them, it was just a fun night out throwing rocks, breaking windows and starting fires.

The ultimate hypocrisy is that they cover their faces for fear of being identified, yet they want to be taken seriously. Sad.

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