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LETTER: The Las Vegas Aces and the Culinary union

Re: The recent “Kats!” column describing a conversation between Raiders/Aces owner Mark Davis and MGM CEO Bill Hornbuckle while seated together at a WNBA game.

Mr. Davis says to Mr. Hornbuckle, “You need to pay the women more money.” To which Mr. Hornbuckle replies, “If you want them to be paid more, then you pay ‘em and buy the team.” Which, to his credit, Mr. Davis did.

And guess what? He now has a happy, better-paid and more motivated team that are world champions.

Mr. Hornbuckle, sir, do you not see the correlation here? Mr. Davis’s team is having a victory parade while your team and others are threatening to go on strike.

All of the casino giants — and the smaller ones, too — must respect their front-line and back-of-the-house workers by paying a livable wage for union and non-union workers alike, not $10 per hour plus tips. Perhaps you haven’t noticed, but the public-at-large is thoroughly tapped-out on tipping.

Ask yourself: Why do so many need to work two jobs to make ends meet — or worse, go without? Pay and feed your employees better.

Times have changed and money doesn’t go as far as it used to. Now is the time to lead by example, show humane and compassionate leadership and be the company that people want to work for. Then others will follow.

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