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LETTER: The United States and incarceration

In his Tuesday letter headlined “Hard or soft,” Jim Fett stated, “The United States has the highest population of incarcerated people in the world even when compared to other countries, including Russia and China.”

I suggest you take all of these incarcerated people to either or both of these countries and have them commit the same crimes. How many of these people would live to see the inside of a courtroom let alone the inside of a jail cell?

I think it would be safe to say that, “The United States has the highest population of criminals who are still alive.”

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LETTER: Americans need a break from the rat race

The 32-hour workweek recently proposed by Sen. Bernie Sanders presents an opportunity to reflect on the hidden costs of our workplace culture.

LETTER: Library officials get Super Bowl tickets

At minimum, the library board needs to recover the cost of each ticket from their salaries, and both men need to issue a formal public apology, I would think.