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Chiefs flag buried under Raiders stadium site in Las Vegas

Updated December 29, 2017 - 6:09 pm

One of the NFL’s fiercest rivalries literally took on new depth Thursday when a man buried a Kansas City Chiefs flag near what is expected to be the 50-yard line of the new Raiders stadium going up on the Strip.

A Chiefs fan named Chris Scherzer posted a photo of a man wearing a white hardhat and dark glasses and holding a red and gold Chiefs banner with the inscription “Chiefs Kingdom” on his Facebook page. “Flag buried in dirt, encased in concrete, with a stadium built on top of it,” the message said. “Chiefs 1, Raiders 0. Las Vegas.”

“The guy in the photo is a friend,” Scherzer, who lives in the Kansas City area, wrote in response to a message seeking the identity of the man in the photo. “I’ve been reaching out to him. People are trying to get him fired over it. So I’m waiting to hear back from him before I feel free to pass his specific information along for publication.”

Len Dawson and Daryle Lamonica, the quarterbacks for the teams when the rivalry originated in the 1960s, would probably not believe it.

Then again, they might.

Scherzer wrote that his friend was at the stadium site when another acquaintance snapped the photo.

The plan was to bury the flag where they presumed the 50-yard line would be.

“I’m not sure how many feet (down) it would actually be.”

By Friday afternoon, the Facebook photo had been shared more than 3,000 times as fans from both camps weighed in on Scherzer’s Facebook page. Some of the messages were good natured. Many were not.

“We’re used to being on top of the Chiefs,” wrote Raiders fan Rob Earls. “Catch us in championships!”

Scherzer posted a photo of the Dos Equis beer man: “I don’t always talk to Raiders fans,” it said. “But when I do, I ask for a burger and large fries.”

“I thought it was absolutely legendary, but Raider fans are trying to reach out to his job site and get him fired,” Scherzer wrote of his friend, who remains a player to be named later, if at all.

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