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Raiders mailbag: Tom Brady, Derek Carr on fans’ minds

As the Raiders’ offseason moves along, more and more the talk is about quarterbacks. Who will be the next Raiders’ quarterback? And where will Derek Carr play next season?

That subject dominated this week’s mailbag. Here is a sampling of what showed up:

Matt Berger (@matt_berger): You’re in Las Vegas, so let’s handicap who will be the starting quarterback next season. Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo, Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson and Jarrett Stidham.

Vincent Bonsignore: Without getting into the actual odds numbers, let’s just make a list. Here’s what it could look like: 1. Brady. 2. Garoppolo. 3. Rookie. 4. Stidham. 5. Rodgers. 6. Jackson.

Steve (@VegasRaidersBlg): Is Carolina an option for Derek Carr? Any idea if the Raiders can get a first-round pick?

Bonsignore: The Panthers make a ton of season as a landing spot for Carr, especially after they hired Frank Reich as their coach. The question is — is Carolina interested enough to trade for Carr, or simply wait to pursue him in free agency? If they feel confident they can get him on the open market, why give up something of value?

Steve G. (@GladsonSteven): Lots of rumors and stories the past few days about Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow being potential trade bait. This would be a massive mistake by Dave Ziegler and Josh McDaniels; a move like this could fracture the players’ trust.

Bonsignore: This one requires a bit more context. Depending on what direction the Raiders take, other teams are likely to inquire about some of their most tradable assets, Waller and Renfrow among them. But just because teams are monitoring them doesn’t mean the Raiders are shopping them. That said, all options will be on the table for the Raiders to improve their roster. If it means trading Renfrow to get defensive help or offensive line help, that’s something they will consider. Part of bringing in talent sometimes means giving up something of value, too. The Raiders have precious few viable tradable assets, and Renfrow and Waller are among that shortlist.

Itz Junior (@ItzJunior_07): Who’s at the top of the Raiders’ free-agent wish list? As far as their free agents, who’s staying and who’s gone?

Bonsignore: Rather than names, as it’s too early for that, focus on positions — such as right tackle, interior offensive line, interior defensive line, linebacker, cornerback and safety. In terms of their free agents. Josh Jacobs is at the top of that list.

Derrick (@RaiderNut4life): I see two options to be successful at quarterback: Tom Brady or a rookie on a cheap deal. If you had to wager, which way are you going?

Bonsignore: There’s a viable path to have Brady and a rookie quarterback — and a pretty good one — on the roster next season. That would be the preferred scenario.

robert zuzulock jr. (@zuz308): Does Jarrett Stidham have a chance of being the starting quarterback with the Raiders?

Bonsignore: It would be Plan C, but, yes, there is an opportunity for Stidham to start.

Kassidylane (@kassidylane): When does the Tom Brady era begin?

Bonsignore: The Raiders will have a pretty good idea, probably by mid-February, whether Brady is a realistic option.

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