Randall Tindall

Las Vegas attorney challenging District Judge Rob Bare. Tindall alleges political consultant David Thomas offered to fund his campaign with funds from attorney Robert Eglet if he would withdraw from Bare’s race and run against District Judge Valerie Adair.

David Thomas

Owner of David Thomas Policy Communications who called Tindall’s allegations “a complete fabrication.” He routinely tries to talk people out of running against his clients and said he talked university Regent James Dean Leavitt out of challenging District Judge Gloria Sturman, one of his clients.

District Judge Rob Bare

The first to claim in an interview that Thomas told him that Tindall solicited money and asked Thomas for $150,000 in campaign funds if he withdrew from the Bare race and entered another. Called his opponent “a wild card, an oddball, a not-to-be trusted person.”

Robert Eglet

Las Vegas attorney who said he met with attorney Ross Smillie to discuss his challenge of District Judge Jessie Walsh. Denied texting Thomas and offering to “foot the bill” if Tindall would pull out of Bare’s race and run in another.

District Judge Valerie Adair

Confirmed that Tindall called her to describe what happened the last day of filing, and his version matched what he told the Review-Journal. Not a Thomas client. Running unopposed.

District Judge Elizabeth “Betsy” Gonzalez

Went from two opponents to zero opponents. Representatives of Las Vegas Sands boss Sheldon Adelson sought someone to run against her because of a wrongful termination case his companies had before her. She issued a $25,000 fine against a Sands company because his attorneys had shown “an intention to deceive” her.

District Judge Jessie Walsh

Eglet spoke to her opponent, Ross Smillie, and Smillie pulled out of that race, leaving Walsh unopposed. Eglet contends her low ratings in the Review-Journal’s Judging the Judges poll is due to gender bias. She oversaw his civil case against a pharmaceutical company where the verdict surpassed $500 million.

District Judge Nancy Allf

Married to political consultant David Thomas. Running unopposed. Her husband sometimes represents challengers to incumbents on the bench who are not his clients. One example: Thomas is representing attorney William Horne, who is running against District Judge Carolyn Ellsworth, a former Thomas client.

Michael Davidson

Las Vegas attorney approached by a Sheldon Adelson representative and urged to run against Gonzalez. Told there would be significant financial resources if he did. Denied it was the $1 million that some speculated. He filed against District Judge Douglas Herndon instead.

Chris Rasmussen

Attorney who paid $450 to file in three races, first against Gonzalez, then switching to Judge Joanna Kishner, then Judge Jerry Tao, a Thomas client. Withdrew after filing ended. Thomas said he spoke extensively to Rasmussen the final day.

Steve Smith

Filed against Judge Kerry Earley. After talking with Thomas, he got back in line but ended up not changing his race. Declined to discuss his decision.

District Judge Kerry Earley

Currently hearing a major case where Eglet is suing Takeda Phamaceuticals, a Japanese company that makes a prescription drug named Actos. Eglet represents one of two women who alleges their bladder cancer was caused by Actos. Eglet will ask for more than a billion dollars in punitive damages.