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Inside the Sphere is world’s largest holographic display

Updated October 13, 2023 - 9:04 pm

The Sphere has been hosting U2 performances.

It now regularly shows the Darren Aronofsky film “Postcard from Earth.”

But one of the less-discussed features inside is the Sphere Experience, a collection of five interactive displays in the building’s atrium that demonstrate the technological marvels of the building that has captured the imagination of locals and tourists.

It’s hosted by humanoid robots named Aura that provide directions, give factoids about the $2.3 billion spherical structure and will answer guests’ questions.

“The Sphere Experience really starts the moment that you walk in the door of the Sphere and come to this atrium where you will find five different exhibits that are centered around the notion of how technology pushes human potential,” said James Dolan in a walk-and-talk interview of the attraction last week.

Among the highlights of the Sphere Experience are a striking 30-by-50-foot holographic display — the world’s largest — by Hypervisn that seems to hover over the Experience area.

Among the demonstrations of the Sphere Experience are a 360-degree avatar capture and a beam-forming sound display.

Stand before the avatar capture and it will scan your image and produce a 30-second video emailed to you that you can download and share with friends.

The beam-forming demonstration allows you to hear a short jazz piece from a display of speakers as used in the 17,500-seat arena.

Stand in one circle in front of the speakers and the saxophone dominates the piece; move just a few feet to the side and the piano is the dominant instrument; another few feet over, you’ll hear an organ keyboard sound — and they’re all from the same piece.

Persons buying tickets to “Postcard from Earth” can enter at the time listed on the ticket, but the hourlong film doesn’t start until an hour after the entrance time, giving guests the opportunity to see the Sphere Experience and ask questions of Aura.

Signs direct visitors to take their seats for the film, which include haptic seat effects that match the action on the massive screen and Aronofsky’s science-fiction tale.

Another characteristic of the Sphere’s interior are the equations – several of them displayed on various surfaces within the building’s interior.

Dolan explained that every equation has something to do with the engineering of the construction of the building. Eventually, Sphere officials plan to invite Southern Nevada students to the Sphere to learn more about the technological development of the attraction.

Dolan indicated the educational outreach would begin in mid-October.

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