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Police find guns, gunman’s wallet after Las Vegas shooting — VIDEO

Las Vegas police released body camera footage that shows officers going through the room where Oct. 1 gunman Stephen Paddock was staying at Mandalay Bay.

Here is a transcript:

Background: We’ve got probably at least 10 high-powered weapons in this room

Background: Sarge, what do you got going there?

Sergeant: “We have this contained. There’s no need for anybody else up here.” If there’s other situations going on then let’s address those. We are code 4 here. We’ve got patrol units that are clearing down the right *inaudible*”

Officer: Jaire, I can’t tell what direction this room is. Let me get to a window and *inaudible*

Background: What do you need Levi?


Background: We do not have a broken window. No there are several rooms in here Corey.

Officer: A broken window *inaudible* right where that curtain is *inaudible*

Officer: Standby, we have the curtains open on a window that is not broken.

Background: It’s us. It’s us. It’s us. Corey, it’s us. Tell them it’s us.

Background: Go ahead Todd.

Background: Copy that. *inaudible* It’s right here.

Background: Is it? OK.

Officer: They have security down at the elevator banks, as well.

Background: Got it?

Jaire, man.

Background: Copy that. Do you want me to send you a photo or do you want me to do that over here right now? Got his wallet.

Background: Let me contact *inaudible*

Officer: Security’s right here. They’re right outside the door.

Officer: I counted 13 *inaudible*

Background: Oh, yeah, there’s a scope over here.

Officer: This one right here by the window that he was setting up with *inaudible*

Background: *inaudible* information on a potential lead related possibly related to the suspect. We have a player’s card that was out on the countertop next to the wallet. Suspect is *inaudible* It is an M life platinum player’s card with the name of Marilou Danley

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