Fire prevention order issued in Nevada

Federal land managers have issued a statewide fire prevention order aimed at reducing the risk of wildfires in Nevada.

Young adults in Las Vegas failing to save for retirement

It may be decades away, but 26-year-old Alison Scott is worried about retirement. The Las Vegas resident is working as a nanny as she pursues an acting career. With expenses such as rent, groceries, gasoline, insurance and medical care adding up every month, she hasn’t had a chance to put away much in savings.

Candlelit march honors victims of Maryland newsroom shooting

Quietly clutching candles or hoisting #AnnapolisStrong signs, more than 1,000 people streamed through Maryland’s capital, remembering five people slain in a newspaper office not just as gatekeepers of the news but as a crucial piece of their tight-knit community.

Gamblit CEO confident skill-based games will make mark

Gamblit Gaming CEO Eric Meyerhofer said the company is rapidly expanding its footprint this year after raising an additional $25 million from investors in 2017.

Burned bear cub rescued from Colorado wildfire

An orphaned bear cub suffered painful burns to her paws in one of the half-dozen significant wildfires scorching Colorado, but she is being nursed back to health, state officials said Friday.

History-making leaders bring ‘new experience’ to Mormon church

The two newest members of a top Mormon governing panel said Thursday that they hope to bring a new perspective as the first Latin-American and the first person of Asian ancestry to a previously all-white top leadership group that helps make church policy.

Self-styled prophet gets another prison term in Utah

A self-styled prophet who led a doomsday cult and secretly married young girls because of his beliefs in polygamy and has already been sentenced to 26 years in prison has been given a 15-year term following another guilty plea.

Pot businesses want California to delay strict testing rules

Nearly 150 marijuana businesses in California warned Friday that they could face crippling financial losses unless the state extends a July 1 deadline imposing strict standards for pot testing and packaging.

California camper’s death sparks inquiry into past shootings

Detectives investigating the fatal shooting of a camper at a popular California wilderness park last week will look for links to seven past shootings in the area dating back to 2016, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said Friday.

BYU center helps find living relatives of MIA soldiers

A U.S. Army project aims to find the living relatives of soldiers who went missing in action from World War II (which the United States entered in 1941) through the first Gulf War in Iraq (launched in 1990).

California mother, boyfriend charged with murder of son

A California woman and her boyfriend were charged Friday in the death of the woman’s 10-year-old son who had previously reported being beaten, locked up and not fed, prosecutors said.

Exposed beams transform boring ceilings

No matter the look of a room’s interior or the style of the decor, exposed ceiling beams can add depth and warmth to a home’s ambiance.

Faulty irrigation system can produce brown spots in lawn

Q: We installed a lawn 18 months ago, but it has a difficult time during summer months. I aerate it and fertilize it, and I know the drainage is good because the landscaper installed the system to our HOA requirements. I water twice daily, six days a week around 5 a.m. and 9 p.m. There is a decent amount of shade, and the yard faces south. Even the heavily shaded areas have problems. What can I do differently?

Water heater vent is easy, inexpensive install

Q: During a home inspection, the inspector discovered that my water heater needed a new vent connected to the ceiling. He said it is an easy and inexpensive repair. Just how easy and inexpensive is it?

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