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Will this man land a UFC job by renting a Las Vegas billboard?

Updated January 12, 2024 - 7:03 pm

A job seeker determined to ensure his résumé wouldn’t get overlooked took an extraordinary step Friday.

The Canadian man looking to get ahead of other potential job candidates posted his résumé on a digital billboard in front of UFC’s Las Vegas headquarters.

Michael Wojo, 28, paid to have his résumé flash for 48 hours on a billboard located on Rafael Rivera Way and Torrey Pines Drive, just off the 215 Beltway, beginning Friday, in hopes of getting the attention of UFC President Dana White.

The billboard features Wojo’s “résumé,” which is more of a graphic, with a picture of Wojo, that would be shown of a UFC fighter on a broadcast before a bout. It lists his rating in task submission average, office endurance and email aggression. The billboard also says, “Dana I’m worth the gamble. Hire me?” with Wojo’s social media handle affixed at the bottom.

The billboard will air for 10-second intervals every minute for 48 hours, Wojo said.

“The résumé isn’t a prank but a very calculated and creative attempt to display my skills and creativity,” Wojo said. “The résumé was strategically designed by myself and my team, giving it a professional appeal that aligns with the MMA culture. I have been able to coordinate all of this from Canada, giving it that twist of being international.”

Wojo said he researched the best area in town to place his billboard spot and found the one located near UFC via Google Earth. He picked this weekend to air his résumé because UFC Fight Night is taking place Saturday at UFC Apex, which is located next to the headquarters.

He worked with Jessica Wood, sales account executive with Las Vegas Billboards, who said she was intrigued by the idea because she’s never had a request from someone to post their résumé on a billboard. She worked with Wojo on refining how the image that is flashing on the board would look.

“He had quite a few revisions on his artwork, and he did it all himself, which is pretty impressive,” Wood said. “He said, ‘I’ve been calling UFC. I want to work there.’ So I told him we have a billboard pretty much right in front of it and worked out a deal with him for a couple of days because he thought Dana White would be there those two days.”

Wojo and Wood declined to disclose the amount paid to rent the digital billboard space, but Wood noted that Wojo received a discount.

UFC could not be reached for comment Friday.

Wojo manages an auto body shop in Canada, but he wants to land a role in content creation or marketing with UFC. He admittedly doesn’t have any formal training in either category but noted he does some content creation for the body shop.

He hopes his unorthodox approach to getting UFC’s attention gives the organization an idea of the creativity he could bring to the table.

“I love the UFC organization, and it has been a dream of mine to work for them,” Wojo said. “I have decided to chase my dream but with a think-outside-the-box approach in order to stand out from other applicants.”

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