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Raiders mailbag: Tom Brady on the mind of Raiders fans

The Raiders have almost certainly entered the post-Derek Carr era. And with one game remaining, they are already putting together a plan to replace him. So, of course, their fans have tons of questions.

Here is a sampling of what arrived in this week’s mailbag:

GothamAv3nger (@GothamAv3ng3r): With Tom Brady’s usual plan going to teams with great offensive lines, defenses and run games, why would the Raiders be an option?

Vincent Bonsignore: Brady’s relationship and confidence in Josh McDaniels and Dave Ziegler can not be discounted. That’s the starting point. Then there is an offense that features Davante Adams, Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow and almost certainly Josh Jacobs. That’s appealing to any quarterback. The offensive line played better than expectations, but there is a clear understanding improvements must be made. Expect the Raiders to pay major attention to that part of the team.

The Raiders are a couple of good drafts away from significantly upgrading the defense, so Brady would have to be convinced that with him at quarterback, and the talent he has around him, they could be so prolific they can make up for the defensive growing pains.

Aron Bursky (@ABursky): Would the Raiders be open to moving up for a quarterback like C.J. Stroud even if they sign a veteran like Tom Brady or Jimmy Garoppolo, or would that pick be used to address more immediate needs?

Bonsignore: If they truly fall in love with one of the top quarterback prospects, that’s definitely a possibility. More likely, though, with a veteran quarterback in place and Jarrett Stidham remaining the backup, the Raiders would invest the bulk of their draft capital on the offensive line and defense. They could also use a second- or third-day pick on a quarterback.

Lamar Cousin aka Rex Kwon Do (@NCHustla): With rumors the Raiders have interest in Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo, it seems like different directions, with Brady being a bridge and Garoppolo a long-term fix. What direction do you think they prefer?

Bonsignore: Speculating here, but the lower cost of Brady and the two-year window he might be able to maximize seems like the more likely approach.

Samson Bigglesworth @bigglesw1): Do Raiders fans approve of Josh McDaniels submarining this team with horrendous play calling just to make Derek Carr the scapegoat so he could install former Patriots quarterback Jarrett Stidham at the helm?

Bonsignore: At the risk of calling this a far-fetched take, let’s just say that did not happen.

Raider AR (@RaiderAR9): Tyler Hall has splashed in games. Does he have the potential to return kicks next season? Did you notice him returning kicks in practice? He did well at it in college.

Bonsignore: Hall was not here during training camp when reporters have full access to practice. So no visuals of him returning punts. He is well-liked, though, and expected back in 2023. With more time to work with him — starting with the offseason and training camp — that could be a direction the Raiders explore.

Go Raiders (@GoRaiders19): When is the soonest Tom Brady could commit to his new team next year?

Bonsignore: March 15.

(Steven M @StevenMToga): Who do you think will be the Raiders’ starting quarterback in Week 1 next season? Also, with the defense lacking talent, do you think the draft is going to be the way they replenish the quality of the defense

Bonsignore: Tom Brady. Absolutely the defense will be a heavy emphasis in the draft.

Mario Mendoza (@Mariomamba): What can they get for Derek Carr? I have heard anywhere from nothing to a No. 1 pick.

Bonsignore: A No. 1 seems ambitious. Depending on how many teams get involved, anywhere from a third and beyond. His contract will be a major factor that teams take into account. Someone has to be willing to take on $40 million guaranteed immediately. Is that realistic? Or do teams wait to see if he hits the open market?

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