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LETTER: Want fewer carbon emissions?

Your Monday editorial, “The truth about electric vehicles and carbon emissions,” gives credence to the only logical solution to the carbon problem we face: nuclear power.

LETTER: What are the substitutes for God?

David Zamarin’s Tuesday letter reminds me of the atheist philosopher who said, “God is dead.” He then asked, “Now what will you replace God with?”

LETTER: Donald Trump violates his oath of office

Donald Trump’s conduct alone justifies not only his impeachment by the House, but his conviction by the Senate and his removal from the office.

LETTER: Science and the existence of God

Science explains a lot and is one of humankind’s greatest achievements, but so far the question of God’s existence remains outside its realm of understanding.

LETTER: Dying on your own terms

There are angels on Earth, and they are hospice doctors and nurses.

LETTER: Congress dithers on the real issues

This is what Congress should be working on instead of holding all these nonsensical impeachment hearings.

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