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Cocktail at new North Italia blends honey, Fernet Blanca

Fernet Branca, a longtime mixologists’ favorite for late-night hard partying, has begun making its way into cocktails, where its many herbal flavors get some room to mingle.

Hawthorn Grill cocktail is dry, sweet and bubbly — VIDEO

The first thing you notice about this bubbly drink — a signature cocktail of Hawthorn Grill inside the JW Marriott — is the way the dry Champagne contrasts the sweet berries, playing to opposite ends of your palate without intermingling much. The bitters also offer a slight, but significant, hint of citrus on the nose in the Raspberry Royalle.

Pizza Rock serves fruity cocktail in a glass tiki mug — VIDEO

Since downtown doesn’t have a dedicated tiki bar, Pizza Rock is the best place to get your Polynesian drink fix. The Freaky Tiki offers all the key ingredients: multiple types of rum, fruit juice and a cool glass.

Bobby’s blackberry cocktail great to sip in chilly weather

The bar team at Bobby’s Burger Palace clearly understands that bourbon and burgers are an amazing match, especially as the weather gets chilly. In this offering, the sugar and berries provide comfortable cover from the whiskey’s harsher edges, while the mint offers a mild bite on both the palate and the nose.

Corduroy’s Screaming Viking cocktail pays homage to ‘Cheers’

In the Season 6 premiere of “Cheers,” the gang invented a fictitious drink called a Screaming Viking to frustrate an unpopular bartender into leaving the bar, thus saving Woody’s job.

Flowers, fruits lend bright pink color to Tom’s Urban cocktail — VIDEO

Tom’s Urban has created a drink that’s much more whiskey-forward than you’d expect from its bright pink color, although it mellows out a bit on the back end thanks to a high dose of sugar. To make Whiskey Business just like the New York-New York restaurant does, muddle some hibiscus flowers in simple syrup beforehand, and add a touch to the prickly pear nectar.

Holstein’s Dill Weed is a great cocktail for morning revelers — VIDEO

Holsteins’ new Game Day Brunch menu offers the Dill Weed cocktail, a take on a bloody caesar, or Clamato-based bloody mary. Despite the combination of aggressive ingredients, the cucumber vodka base smooths everything over, a perfect way to ease back into drinking for morning revelers still recovering from the night before.

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