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Golden Knights’ pledge to T-Mobile Arena workers stays on track

More than ever now, communication is vital.

We crave information, whether it’s about a growing number of coronavirus cases or, in the case of those who work at T-Mobile Arena, the status of their paychecks.

It was reported last month that the Golden Knights pledged a minimum of $500,000 to help part-time and hourly gameday employees affected by the interruption in the NHL season.

Concerns from those in line to receive such aid about how soon those funds would be available have found the email boxes of myself and colleagues. Many of those workers say they haven’t heard when those funds will arrive.

There have been instances (see the Washington Capitals) where teams simply paid those scheduled arena workers soon after everything came to a halt. Even if canceled events are eventually held, employees will keep that extra cash.

Call it a needed bonus.

I don’t tell people how to spend their money. Have said and written it often.

Would it be nice if the Golden Knights followed such a lead and paid workers regardless?

Of course.

But that’s an organizational choice.

“Information regarding distribution will be communicated when appropriate and once clarity is received from the NHL on the status of the rest of the Golden Knights regular season schedule,” a team statement said. “We understand it is a complex situation. We’ll be working with all the entities involved to ensure that individuals are accounted for.”

Anxiety real

I get the anxiety for those out of work. It’s a horrible time. People need money. Any amount will help. Some are wondering when their next paycheck will come. Rent to pay. Food to purchase. The most basic of necessities now difficult to cover.

It’s also not just those who work at T-Mobile. This is everywhere. So many are jobless and hurting.

But when it comes to the hockey side of things, more than the Knights are in play. Levy, the hospitality arm of the arena, suggested in a recent memo to employees that they file for unemployment.

Makes sense. And in no way would it affect whatever sum the Knights might provide individuals.

Other third parties are involved. Cleaning crews. Merchandising outfits. Most workers at T-Mobile aren’t even employed by the Knights.

It’s also true that much goes into the overall experience of a game, including those who work the day before and after an event.

I would hope the Knights ensure that anyone and everyone who plays a part in the process is compensated.

Regardless, the team clearly should communicate better by updating those potentially in line for funds. Of all the entities involved, the Knights are the most popular.

Those workers want to hear from them, even if there is nothing definitive yet to say.

This is the part about details.

Understand first that the NHL hasn’t canceled anything. Not one game. Play has only been suspended.

Now, chances that the league will pick up where it left off if it returns at all this season compare to commissioner Gary Bettman headlining Comedy Night.

Have you seen and heard Bettman without falling asleep?

Yeah. Games will eventually be canceled.

A waiting game

The Knights had four regular-season home games remaining when the NHL went dark, and it’s those that were included in the team’s pledge.

But until things become official as to how many of the four —likely all of them — are called off, it’s not known how much money will be needed to help those who were scheduled to work each one.

I’ve assumed for some time that nothing could penetrate that bizarre lovefest this town has with this team. But any hint at backing off this pledge would strongly test such a theory

The Knights won’t do that. They have no reason to.

Sadly, one trait workers must own in this process is the same one almost nearly impossible to embrace. Nobody feels much like being patient these days.

Is time really the most valuable thing a person can spend?

Not now.

People need to pay rent and purchase groceries.

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