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How to make Pizzeria Monzu’s Grape Thymes cocktail

Pizzeria Monzu softens the jet-fuel kick of grappa with the sugar of muddled grapes, a nice dose of citrus and the rose and lavender hints of the aperitivo Italicus. Don’t be deceived, however; the Grape Thymes cocktail packs a serious punch.

Park MGM’s Juniper Lounge makes a Chartreuse-based cocktail

While Park MGM’s new Juniper Cocktail Lounge takes its name from its selection of more than 75 gins, its signature cocktail program goes much deeper. For proof, witness the No Judging, which blends the high-octane French liqueur Green Chartreuse with citrus and fires up mint for garnish.

Eureka’s cocktail has a flower that will shock your taste buds

What makes the Electric Butterfly from downtown’s new Eureka electric isn’t the shocking purple color, which comes courtesy of butterfly pea tea. It’s actually housed in the “buzz button,” an edible Szechuan flower that mixologists use to shock your taste buds, literally changing the way you experience flavors. Make sure to try a few sips before you bite down on it so you can appreciate the difference in taste afterward.

Hawthorn Grill cocktail is dry, sweet and bubbly — VIDEO

The first thing you notice about this bubbly drink — a signature cocktail of Hawthorn Grill inside the JW Marriott — is the way the dry Champagne contrasts the sweet berries, playing to opposite ends of your palate without intermingling much. The bitters also offer a slight, but significant, hint of citrus on the nose in the Raspberry Royalle.

Black Sheep’s soju cocktail is hot, sweet and sour — VIDEO

While serious soju aficionados drink the spirit straight, the flavored variety used here lends itself to cocktails intended to conjure the Korean grain beverage’s spirit, if not its intensity.